Thursday, November 8, 2007
Downtown Kilgore, TX, at the “World’s Richest Acre”

You are invited to participate!! 

The 15th Annual East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Cook-off will be held Thursday, November 8, 2007, at the World’s Richest Acre Park, on Commerce Street, in Downtown Kilgore, TX.  The competition features energy industry related companies cooking at least 50 lbs. of chili, and will award prizes for the top 5 judged chilies, for the Peoples Choice, and Showmanship.   

We will be accepting a $5.00 donation for the “Night Before” set up event.  This tasting event has come to be a tremendous success for the cook teams, and we believe will provide an additional opportunity to raise funds for the Crisis Center.  Wristbands that are supplied to the cook teams will be good for both days.  Cook teams will have the opportunity to purchase a limited number of wristbands for $5.00 that will be good on Wednesday night and Thursday.  As in the past, we will not make this a public event, but one that is only open to cook teams and their invited guests.  Thanks for your help in this matter.   Also remember to remind your team about the parking situation in downtown Kilgore.  

The public is invited to join the fun and tasting at 11:00 A.M. on Thursday, November 1, 2007 Wristbands will be available for $5.00 that will allow one person to sample all of the chili.  Drinks will also be available for a donation to the Crisis Center. The wristband will also give one person 5 votes in the people’s choice competition.   

All proceeds from this event will benefit The CRISIS CENTER, with offices in Kilgore, Henderson, Marshall, and Carthage.  


East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Association Committee 

          Bob Davis                     903/984-3093           Leo Lowery        903/522-0042
          Sheryl Caraway             903/984-3043           Theresa Hearn    903/984-3043
          Sherry Miller                 903/987-9826      

          CRISIS CENTER in KILGORE   Nancy Lofton or Brenda Allums  903/984-3019


Mission Statement 

The purpose for which the corporation is formed is: To provide assistance to victims of family violence, sexual abuse, and other violent crimes, and to provide the public with information, education, and prevention programs concerning these issues.

Sequence of Events
8th consecutive year for BP at this event.

   The evening before consists of setting up camp. A portion of Commerce Street, also known as The World's Richest Acre, is blocked off for the event.  The festival staff are there to assist in anyway from directing the individuals to their camp site to a fork lift placing the equipment trailers just so.  It is quite an effort to pull off an event like this and it’s great that they are there.  There is generally a live band to liven the night.  One should be able to find all sorts of treats to eat and drink.   There will be dancing and having fun.  If you go back to the Texas Flag 05,06, there are pictures of past years event which would give you an idea of what happens.  BP's camp will have tamales for dinner the evening before.  This also is a great opportunity for BP to come out and see what the activity is all about and partake in it they will.  There will be food and drink. Other camps will have various menus.  It's always greasy and good.

    The day of the chili cook, Thursday, BP America will be there by 6:00am to have breakfast ready for the teams when they arrive.  Taquitos will be on the menu.  Also VR’s River Coffee.  Then the chili.  Everyone has to start from scratch.  The chili will be judged,  then there is popular vote, and another for showmanship.  After the judging cup of chili goes out, BP America serves hot dogs with all the trimming until it is all gone.

PARKING;  On the day of the chili cook-off, we are asked to not park in front of businesses because it blocks their traffic.  There is parking on the north side of the tracks, west of the event, and some east of the event.

Pictures will be available after the 2nd of November.

Wednesday Afternoon. 
This is when the camps try to setup and start cooking from their menu of choice for the evening. 


These girls coordinate and see that everything goes as planned.  L>R Sherri Miller, Theresa Hearn, Sheryl Caraway.

I think Wendy is representing herself today.

Johnny Mason, retired Brown Measurement/Linco.

Jimmy Butler and Team with JW

Theresa and Scott.

General Dynamics. This is pretty much a all girl team and they have a lot of fun at this event each year.

Jimmy Hi 5ing.

Joey Watts in the middle.  SOUTHLAND SAFETY.

EXTERRAN formerly Hanover. 

Baker Hughes Camp.

Bob and Billy.

Jimmy and Bob talking business or ????.

The Amoco sign came out pretty good didn't it.  Lovely Rita Lewis is posing for the camera.  She's usually at these events supporting her team.

Sabine Volunteer Fire Dept. joined the event.

The sun going down on the Worlds Richest Acres.  One of the pictures just above has the AMOCO sign in the back ground.  That is what the World's Riches Acre is about.  Each of the derricks were sponsored by the different companies and plaques were engraved with the names on them.

This gorgeous girl was having some of BP's beans and rice with tamales.  She represents Valerus.

These events are a good opportunity for everyone to come out and have a good time.  And they did.   What ever Gail was saying or singing put Adonis to sleep.

Bob and Shawn joined the party.  Shawn is our Interim OC Manager.

Gail Parr, it's great to have her join us in the festivities, Adonis Raphael is out of Houston, Billy Townshend at BP Camp.  When these people come out to join the fun, it makes it all worth the effort.  And it is an effort.

Michaelle Elledge and Dianne Webb.

Bob Davis and Holly with their daughter. Rusty and Bob in the background.  Bob Davis volunteers a lot of time to these events.

Gary Burns and Jeanniedoux.

These were the lights on top of the oil derricks.

SND. Mr. E.  Former BPAmoco.

The Day of the Chile Cookoff.

EFC put on a good show.  L>R  Elf>Shannon Knight,  Jack n Box>Kay Nichols,  Mrs. Clause>?Cindy Szumera,  Elf>Anne Berry, Barbie>Ginger Dean.

It was a good thing Jenifer was in this one.

GENERAL DYNAMICS.  These girls put on a good show every year.

BP Camp at work.  The team effort is the only way this could happened.  It may not seem but dipping into those pots for an hour or so will get to a person.

Patty and Gary Burns at BP Camp.

VALERUS. These girls were ready to check your heart beat.  They were neighbors to BP.

Bob Davis's Camp.

ESA.  Carol Hardin and team.  Seleta Davis, Philip White, Natalie Dixon, Kurt Rich, Teresa Dunin.  Kurt Rich is the owner of ESA.  Carol has helped in the BP ETGOLF Tournament for the last 2 years.  With his cooking machine, we have cooked 300 rib eyes each year.  Seleta has joined him in the 2 events.

EFC's Camp.  Rudolph>Allie Keoun,  Elf>Allyson McCranie,  Elf>Anne Berry.  Allyson is one of the BP contacts at EFC.  

Nancy Lofton hard at work.  Nancy is the Women's Crisis Center.

These girls put on a good show.  EFC   Barbie>Ginger Dean,  Elf>Brittany Secy,  Elf> Shelley Wheeler,  Raggedy Ann>Michelle Boyd,  Raggedy Ann>Janice Mitchell,  Elf>Shannon Knights,  Jack n Box>Kay Nichols.

BR McCoy and his wife.  Flint Energy.

Gary Hetherington.  Baker Petrolite.

The event is cranking up.

Wendy Morris and her daughter mingling.

Mr. Don King of King Pipeline or maybe that's BP Pipeline.

BP Camp.  Gary is looking like he got caught.

Adonis Raphael, Gail Parr, Wendy McKay at BP Camp.  Adonis said he would bring some Boudin with him next time he came which is soon I hope.

Mr. SND/TOPCAT along with Mr. E found time to bless the event.

Janet Welch with Bob Davis Sales, talking to Sandra. Penny and Rod Bartlett in the background.

Buster Cory dropped by.

Jim Mills, retired BPAmoco, enjoying the event.

Kathy was able to make the lunch.

BP Camp

Bob Hallmark doing what he does best.

Jenifer Johnston is a new volunteer.

The teams working their way to the stage where the award announcements the awards.

These guys all put a lot of effort and time into this event.  L>R Bob Davis, Theresa Hearn,  Jenifer Jonston, Sheryl Caraway, Sherri Miller, --

3rd Place Showmanship. BP AMERICA.  Roger Welch accepting.

2nd Place Showmanship.  Cindy excepting the trophy for EFC.

1st Place Showmanship.  General Dynamics.

3rd Place Peoples Choice.  Basic Energy Services.

2nd Place Peoples Choice.  American Supply

1st Place Peoples Choice trophy won by BP America.  Gary Burns accepting the award.

The winner of the very prestigious award 40th Place is American Supply.

5th Place Judged Chile winner is Optimum Oilfield Supply.  Leo presenting the award and by the way Leo didn't cook breakfast this time.

4th Place winner is Davis Oil Field Services

3rd Place winner is Basic Energy Services.

Enviropage won 2nd Place Judged Chile

Bob Davis Sales won the 1st Place Judged Chile.

General Dynamics Girls.  Didn't catch the hands name.

An attempt to get a photo of everyone in the BP camp holding the trophies was made but we had to settle for this one.  John Delaune